Friday, May 11

Welcome to all contributors

Thanks for all of you who have responded to the invitation to contribute. Not sure if you can see the list currently on the blog, so in no particular order we have:

Luke Duncalfe - ipod lover, programmer, online curator, pxter
Marcia Lyons - programme director for digital media design at victoria university
Pippin Barr - currently doing phd at comsci department of victoria on videogame values
Sean Kerr - new media artist, curator, lecturer at elam
Hye Rim Lee - artist working with digital video, 3d modeling, animation, etc
Luke Munn - curator for window, writer, digital designer
Chante Inglis - lecturer on digital art history at the university of auckland

Might take a little while for the blog to get momentum, but it's a great start. Again, really inclusive, so if you know someone who might be interested in contributing, just send through their email and they can be added as an Author.

I'm going to post a couple entries this weekend. Some of you are really experienced bloggers, others aren't so used to it. So I'd suggest just starting small: throw up some images or video of works in progress, a couple paragraphs on an event you've seen, or some notes on theories or ideas you're considering.

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