Friday, May 18

Be one of the first 3 posts - be in to win Bachelorette

Writing the first post on the blog seems to have a little stigma attached, so I'm resorting to bribery and corruption to break the stalemate. One of the first 3 posts (not written by myself) will be chosen at random, and that writer will receive a copy of "Isolation Loops" by local solo electronica band Bachelorette, via Of course, if you write all 3 posts, your aural bliss is virtually assured. Terms are substantial posts only and judges decision is final. ;-)

Real Groove Magazine calls the album “…Quietly psychedelic, the quavery vocal harmonies, wheezy synthesisers and attic-salvaged stringed instruments are layered with a shy urgency, a breathtaking tangle of dreaminess and directness… Having understood the implications of technology – electricity having made us all angels, etcetera – she’s fractured herself into a girl-group of one, clouds of ah-ah-ahs and shoo-wop shoo-wops both underscoring and distracting from her tales of gravitational and hormonal pull….” So for a beautiful electronic soundtrack to your writing, start posting.

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