Sunday, May 13

Something Old, Something New at Te Tuhi

Funky Razors and a couple other shows opened at Te Tuhi the Mark this weekend, which I checked out. Te Tuhi supplies a free bus from the city, complete with cassette-mixing DJ and sporadic stereo sound depending on how passengers held up the speakers. Richard Killeen had several works on display as part of "Something Old, Something New", contrasting some early works from the mid 60s with more recent digital pieces.

Technically these are achieved by constructing 3d scenes which are then texture mapped over. Traditionally this mapping process is meant to be invisible - artists shift and stitch together maps so they're seamless - creating a photorealistic table with some simple geometry and a high-resolution timber texture. Killeen largely goes against this practice with textures that distort, clustering together in dots in places and being skewed out into long lines in others. His texture choices also run against the grain - an eclectic mix of standard libraries - like a brick wall, and more stylized or conceptual elements like a Hokusai painting wrapped around a hat. A giant tarp spewing smoke heralded the arrival of blip-hop duo Golden Axe, who gradually peeled back the covering to reveal keyboard, smoke machine, and fluroscent kneepads. A fitting finale. More recent digital works by Killeen here.

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