Tuesday, May 15

New contributors

The blog is gaining momentum with some more contributors joining the fold. New recruits are:

Kentaro Yamada, designer, new media artist and expert parallel parker,
Robert Appierdo, designer, VJ, and short filmmaker based in Welli
Paul Moss, dataminer, astronomer, musician, and environmentalist
Jaenine Parkinson, writer and lecturer at the university of auckland

Update #1: Wed 16
Carol Yung, architecture student at victoria interested in digital culture
Ryan Cockburn, sound artist/sculpter orig from dunedin, currently in melbourne
Damian Frey, sound/light based installation, currently on residency in UK
Trudy Lane, digital media designer for the arts/museums, SCANZ organiser
Annie Bradley, sculptor, sound and new media artist, spam manipulator

Update #2: Thur 17
Michelle Menzies, curator, sculpture/film artist, currently at u of chicago doing postgrad
Naomi Lamb, video artist, filmmaker, VJ from wellington
Karl Willis, interaction designer, media artist, currently research student in tokyo
Yeoh Gh, designer of experimental interfaces, human interaction, based in wanganui

Update #3: Fri 18
Danny Butt, consultant, writer, educator on technology, on Cultural Futures team

Thanks for all the interest, and again I'd encourage everyone to get their first post up there. If you're having issues with signing up or logging in, let me know and I'll try to sort something out.

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