Wednesday, May 2

Raison d'être

New media work, digital art, even the less used, whatever you want to call it. This space has undergone an explosion in the last few years, as our societies and cultures get more comfortable with navigating the terrain. From performance groups in Second Life (SecondFront), to art games challenging traditional gameplay (Braid), to activist pieces taking aim at institutions (Google Will Eat Itself), work in this space is becoming more accessible to more people, with more complex, interesting ideas being incorporated.

But while there's a deluge of work coming out of the US, Australia, and Europe, New Zealand seems strangely quiet. Searching for 'digital art' brings up cut-price webdesign companies. Our core cultural site, The Big Idea, has a confusion of terms and pages which don't get updated. Other art sites, while great, focus on other areas, or ignore the space entirely. Artists, designers, coders, and writers working in the space seem isolated, lacking a central place to share ideas, a rich media hub to post projects, a collection of texts to learn from.

This blog hopes to tackle some of these areas and provide some of these resources. It's a start.

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