Sunday, November 11

Elam Open Days: Postgrad show

Window brings you 50 exclusive images from the Elam BFA/Postgrad Open Days. Featuring works by Fiona Gillmore, Boris Dornbusch, Sonya Lacey, Bonnie Somerville, Rachel Wills, Kate Newby, Tim Mackrell, Nick Charlesworth, Majlinda Hoxha, Anna Boyd, Jessica Van Dammen, Guy Nicoll, Angela Meleisea Felix, Sarah Rose, Sam Rountree-Williams, Nell May, Emily Pun, Daniel Munn, Matthew Molloy and Art-is-free.


matt said...

hi there

it looks like you guys spelled my name wrong its actually Matthew Molloy not Matthew Mallow, although that does sound kinda cool maybe i should consider a change

window said...

Cheers, fixed now. Nice show at Cross Street, btw - the power of 3 Molloys combined.