Tuesday, June 5

New video work at Window

We're busy working on the next exhibition, a show featuring 5 artists working with video: Charles Ninow, Sean Grattan, Veronica Crockford-Pound, Ritchie Frater, and a soon to be confirmed artist. The short, two week show will give each artist two days to show their work - screened, projected, or installed.

Naomi Lamb, a contributor on this group blog, will be VJing on the opening night. Bypassing the slick stock footage sometimes dominant in the genre, she'll be mashing up a variety of clips she's shot herself - palms from local road trips, clouds over a moon, or the korean skyline seen from a subway car (shown below).

A German/Australian duo under the pseudonym Botborg will be screening online. Utilising a range of device feedback, they produce a barrage of flickering, glitching, digital video. Described as "aggressively complex and occasionally frightening" , the work attempts to demonstrate the oneness of light, sound, and movement as theorised by photosonicneurokineasthography.

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